The Travel Snob teams up with is a dynamic resource for families who love to travel. We recognize that vacationing with children presents a unique set of requirements, while at the same time opens a unique set of possibilities for growth, fun, excitement and becoming closer to one another. We know there are a wealth of travel planning resources available, but none that cater to families like we do. This is because we recognize:

Families need realistic itineraries, that take into consideration what children of a given age can handle, as well as what it takes to keep them engaged.
Every family is different. While some like to take in every possible sight, others may prefer more relaxing, fun or exciting experiences. Still others yearn for local culture or want travel to be educational as well as fun.
Time and money are precious commodities when raising a family. Time spent researching destinations and savings is time not spent enjoying family life. There are a wealth of opportunities to save if you know where to look, which we do. We bring the plans and the deals to you.
Our goal is to combine the shared knowledge of real families and travel experts so that users can benefit from their experiences and maximize their potential through the use of helpful shortcuts and secrets.

What Do We Offer?

Our pride and joy lies in an expansive collection of itineraries that cover so many places a family could dream of going; and it is always expanding. All of them are written with families in mind and strive to keep a variety of ages entertained and engaged. They are well organized and can be browsed by region, country or city. If where you are going isn’t as important as what you are doing we also organize them by the type of day/activity. Families can seek out a city vacation, beach day, educational experience, cultural excursion, active venture or a totally unique experience.

We are always sensitive to family needs and try to make note of activities that may be restricted by age, require special documentation, clothing or include physical demands. Our robust search feature makes finding the perfect day simple!

We also offer amazing Travel Tips which cover a wide range of topics. Some are specific to families and children, while others offer more general travel advice. All of them are meant to make the experience simpler and to answer questions you didn’t even know you had. This is our collection of advice, shortcuts and inside scoops; all meant to empower users to save time and energy.

We also curate some of the best in family Travel Deals to help our users get the most bang for their buck. We source great saving on everything, from hotels and flights, to cruises, rental cars, resorts, tours and even vacation photos.

Why ”Travel technology industry leaders agree that consumers are looking for online expertise when planning their trips,” according to author Harvey Chipkin. We are that expertise when it comes to family travel.

The New York Times recently published this notion with regards to online travel sites: “It’s not that one site is necessarily better than another; it’s that one is better for you.” There are a thousand places online to find opinions, not all are well written or reliable, but more importantly, not all relate to a given user. Families want and need advice from other families, as well as travel experts who specialize in family vacations. Enter

Among the myriad travel sites available, our goals and our tastes are the ones best suited for families:

Our experts consider families first and “travel industry” second. Our reviews and suggestions are based on what is best for parents and their children, not industry standards or personal biases.
We curate and cultivate our itineraries, tips and deals. There aren’t the extraneous reviews of aggregator sites, or the hundreds of paragraphs to wade through. We get to the point quickly and efficiently.
No one organizes their information like we do so that your family can find the exact destination or activity that they want.

At, we believe the world becomes more real and more understandable to your children when you travel together. Stay in your comfort zone, or step out of it. Whatever suits you, we can help. Hopefully we can move you to consider places you might not have otherwise. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire parents to travel with their children; to expose them to the world around us so that they can learn and experience it together as a family. We hope we can inspire you to travel – whether near or far – to ordinary and extraordinary destinations, and build lifelong memories as a family!

We are always here for our users. Email us via

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