Booking Last Minute Summer Holidays with The Travel Snob

While I am an advocate of booking your holidays far in advance, I’m also guilty of last minute tourism myself! As a travel agent who has seen over 115 countries and stayed in thousands upon thousands of hotels around the world, it’s about time that I share my secrets to booking last minute holidays, I’ll also make sure to include what things to do in every country I’ve visited.

If you’re looking to get away from whiney kids complaining about sun cream getting in their eyes and huge groups of stag dos parading the streets, avoid booking your summer holiday at the end of July or through August. While I can’t guarantee they will be no crying children or laddish men, booking during off-peak periods such as Whitsun week or late August can ensure you see less abs and more of your dream holiday destination.

Don’t be distracted by price cuts, promising you a great deal of ‘savings’! A holiday is a holiday, and prices are constantly shifting to reflect a supply and demand. What you should be focusing on is what is included in the quote!  Whether it’s in-flight meals, resort transfers, breakfast or half board, these packages are seen as a standard in many package holidays, but extras such as massages and free upgrades can be added depending on the quote.

There is no magic shortcut to finding a last minute holiday. Just like you would trying to book your typical holiday, it’s about searching for the right destination for you and your family. Now you may be a fan of price comparison websites, but how often have you look and found your dream holiday?

Maybe the lucky few but it’s certainly not common. When you book with The Travel Snob, you’re always in luck! With access to thousands of suppliers around the world and years of luxury travel experience, who better to book your next holiday with – even a last minute one!

From the finest boutique hotels to the most luxurious 5-star resorts, I can match the perfect holiday experience to your specific tastes. To find out what I can do for you, call 07990 018018 or email