The ‘Hottest’ Places Every Month of the Year

Partying in Budapest for New Year, strolling the cobbled streets of Rome in March, exploring the beaches of California in the July heat and back to Europe to discover the Christmas markets, it sounds like a dream year in the life we all want.

Now, I don’t intend on making you jealous but if you are particularly lucky to travel the world each month of the year, then this guide might come in handy!

Here are The Travel Snob’s best places to travel, month by month:


With the excitement of Christmas and New Year over and the dreaded back to work blues settling in, what a perfect time to book a holiday!

If you need to get your dose of sunlight to start the New Year, I suggest visiting the Caribbean or Australia where temperatures reach up to 30 °C. However, if warm weather is your nemesis, maybe hit the slopes of the Alps or hunt for the Northern Lights in Norway to enjoy a true Winter Wonderland.


February commences the month of love, making Paris the perfect option for a quick weekend getaway. However, if you want to go further afield, February is the perfect time to visit countries in Asia as typhoon season is over at this time. That means Nepal, Burma, India and the Philippines will all be ready to explore and in perfect weather!

I suggest avoiding countries such as Indonesia, the Seychelles and Polynesia as well as Madagascar and Mauritius as February is their peak rainy season and where there are high risks of cyclones.


The start of spring also means the beginning of good weather across Europe. Italy around this time could be the perfect quick city break, especially if you want to go somewhere that’s not busy in the typical tourist spots. If that’s not your thing, jet off to Florida where the weather is warm and hot without being unbearable.


Fully into spring, April sees the blossoming of Tulips in Amsterdam, making it the perfect time for a trip to the country’s famous tulip fields. The US is also still a great option for Spring time, so why not go all out and take a month long road trip across America? Start in Florida and finish your trip in California, you can cruise across America for the fraction of peak prices.


Prior to summer, sneak in a romantic holiday break to the Philippines and Bahamas, which is a slice of paradise around this time of year. With more than enough sunshine, perfectly white sand and breathtakingly turquoise seas, the Philippines and Bahamas are well recommended around this time. 


Europe is perfect around this time, particularly in the north! Visit Sweden, Norway and Finland to enjoy days of endless daylight through their ‘white night’ period. Canada is also perfect in July when they host Canada Day as well as The Montreal Film Festival and International Jazz Festival.


Not a fan of the heat? Take a look at holidays in Peru and Bolivia! July sees an end to their rainy seasons and instead the two countries get days of constant sunshine. It can be chilly however so make sure to bring a few extra layers.

During summer, stay away from Asia where it will be the height of monsoon season.


You can never go wrong with the Mediterranean coast of Europe in August. With plenty of sunny days and tranquil beaches, Croatia is glorious over this time, plus you can enjoy numerous festivals from music to food while you’re there.


Ever wanted to go on safari? Now’s your chance! Countries in Africa like Zimbabwe will be in its dry season offering ideal temperatures of 27°C and cooler nights. Even Namibia, which is in its winter period, will be dry and sunny making it the perfect time to spot some iconic African wildlife.


If you’re already missing the summer sun, taking the trip to countries within Africa, the American states or cities in Argentina mean you can still top up that tan even in Autumn.


It’s about the time everyone starts preparing for the festive season, which is why November is the right time to visit Christmas Markets in Germany to embrace the festive feeling. However, if you want to banish the winter blues, head to Hawaii or Morocco where the temperature is still high (20°Cs). 


With Christmas and New Year on the horizon, December is popular for skiing, particularly in France and Spain or the Swiss and Italian Alps where snow is plentiful. However, for an unforgettable winter sun holiday, explore the Caribbean islands where you can see fantastic coral reefs and tropical rainforests, scuba dive, fish and hiking.

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