Planning the Perfect Honeymoon with TravelSnob

For some couples, often the honeymoon is more important than the wedding itself. Not only is the post-wedding holiday a chance for the couple to rest after months of wedding planning and spend time alone together, but for some it’s the trip of a lifetime! However, it doesn’t take much to turn the perfect holiday into the trip from hell.

Here are my top tips to make sure you have a fabulous honeymoon:

You get what you pay for

After spending huge amounts of the wedding day itself, it may seem sensible to scrimp on the honeymoon budget. Just remember, you get what you pay for!

Don’t let yourselves be suckered in by cheap holidays that guarantee you and your partner a luxury experience. In most cases, it only leads to more problems down the line such as hotel rooms with more stains than a dirty dishcloth or restaurants that give you nothing but a side of food poisoning.

Keep an Eye on the Time

A luxury beach hut in the Maldives, or a resort in the Seychelles is great but if you only have a week to experience it, you will come back off your honeymoon more exhausted than when you left.

Those with a limited timescale for their honeymoon may want to look at city breaks in Europe. Particularly perfect for honeymoon couples is Rome, one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Take a stroll down the centro storico where the city is alive in a magical glow as monuments and streets are alight by quintessential street lamps.

Use a Travel Consultant

Using an expert can be of value when planning a trip to a destination you have never visited before, like the Cayman Islands. A good travel consultant will take the time to arrange the perfect honeymoon for you, giving you insider information about the destination, hotels and local activities whilst finding you the best rates and securing perks. Equaling a stress-free booking experience for you and your other half.

Need help planning your perfect honeymoon? I’ve travelled to 112 countries, 100’s of hotels and 1,000’s of restaurants around the world so who better to book your trip of a lifetime with? Call me on 07990 018018.

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