Planning the Perfect Family Holiday with The Travel Snob

It’s the same old story; the adults want a relaxing, all inclusive holiday in Greece but the kids want a thrill-packed, adventure holiday in America. So where do you start planning that perfect summer holiday for 2017?

At the Travel Snob, I understand that organising the perfect holiday for you and your family can be difficult, especially when no one can agree on what to do on your family summer holiday. Here is my guide to planning your perfect family holiday in 2017:

Plan In Advance

Planning your holiday at least 3 months in advance will benefit you and your family. Not only will you get the best deals when booking your flights and hotels, but you will also get access to a huge range of accommodations and flights that last minute deals will not give you.

Keep It Simple

It can be tempting when you fly to your dream destination to want to pack as much as you can into your one, or two, week holiday. But it’s important you don’t give into the temptation! While you won’t see as much in your time there, you will have a less stressful time if you keep the itinerary to two or three local activities or sightseeing spots.

If the kids want to explore the area, find a local town or monument near the hotel, where you can spend the morning shopping and sightseeing before heading back to the pool in the afternoon.

Short Journeys

While a Maldives holiday or trip to Australia may seem like the perfect way to spend a summer break, picking a destination with long flight times can be a huge mistake. Not only do the kids get bored having to sit in a seat for 24 hours but you also, will find yourself desperate to get to the destination after watching all the in-flight entertainment.

Instead choose a holiday destination with a 5 hour maximum flight time. This will limit you to all the countries in Europe, including Greece and it’s islands as well as the islands in Africa.

Let a Travel Agent Handle It

If you’re too busy to book your summer holiday this year, why not let a travel agent handle the booking of everything? With your needs in mind and their expert insight into the best family holiday destinations, your travel agent will be able to sort your holiday out for you – stress free!

David Walker, at The Travel Snob is a luxury travel agent who has travelled over 5million miles, visited 112 countries amongst 100’s of hotels and 1000’s of restaurants. Therefore you can count on David to find the perfect holiday for you, in the best locations. Call 07990 018018 or for further information, visit here.

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