Holiday Help: Travel Issues You May Face

When travelling abroad, it can be easy to run into trouble. From stolen belongings to missing your flight, we at the Travel Snob can help you with any of travel issues:

Your purse/wallet is stolen.

 If your wallet is stolen, you will need to contact the local police straight away and make sure you get a copy of statement you made. Once you’ve done that, report any missing cards to your bank. Depending on the bank, they may be able to send you a replacement card within 24 hours to three days to use for the rest of your holiday.

Otherwise, if you are in need of money desperately then contact a friend and get them to send it to you through an online money transfer operator like Western Union where you can collect it from a shop or bank.

You miss your flight.

Missing a flight can happen to the best of us, so first of all don’t panic! There’s no point sprinting through the airport instead with your head hung in shame, you must notify a staff member that you have missed your plane. They will have you “decontrolled” where you are lead through the airport like a naughty school kid to the arrival halls where you have two options.

Now that you’re decontrolled, you must head to the ticket desk for the airline you were flying with and a member of staff will help you to find another flight. Some airlines will help you out and offer a “rescue fee” otherwise you will be paying the full price of a ticket. If you cannot find another flight to your destination then you should check the other airlines for their next flights.

You lose your luggage.

There is nothing worse than waiting for your luggage to arrive on the carousel and it not arriving. If you know for definite that your luggage is not in your destination then go to the airline’s counter to file a report. The airline may offer you a bag of essential items i.e. toiletries and will take your contact details. When your luggage is ready to be collected, you will be contacted but until the time you are reunited, speak to your hotel reception. They may be able to offer you money to buy spare clothes. Once you’re back from your holiday, remember to speak to your travel insurance who should cover your luggage lost with compensation.

If disaster strikes while you are on your holiday, you can count on David! When you book a holiday with David, you will be able to available to catch him on his mobile 24/7. Whether you’re booking a holiday or got a travel issue, get in touch on 07990 018018.

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