Holiday Help: Packing for Business Trips

As someone who spends a lot of time travelling for personal and business pleasure, I understand that trying to fit everything you need in your suitcase can be difficult. However, if you’re someone like me who often gets the other half to pack your suitcase then you will know that when it comes to packing for business trips on your own can be even more of a struggle.

Over the years I’ve mastered the art of business trip packing and want to share my tips with any other lost packing souls:

Man in Black

Embrace your inner Johnny Cash when you’re selecting your outfit choices for a business trip and adopt the monochrome wardrobe- you know what they say, black goes with everything! You would not believe how long a pair of black jeans, black shirts and black business attire will get your through a long business trip.

Packing Business Suits

Trying to pack suits without getting them wrinkled can seem like an impossible task. The answer is in the folding! In order to pack a suit jacket, you need to fold the jacket in half lengthways before pulling the sleeves inside out so you can see the lining of the suit. The last step is to fold the jacket in half again and place it into your suitcase. Once you have learnt this skill, you needn’t worry about a crinkled suit.

Forget Ziplock Bags

It’s important to buy travel size toiletries before going on your trip to ensure you’re below the liquid limit, but for those essentials like cologne or contact solution you may want to put in small containers. Otherwise, save some space in your suitcase for the more important things and take advantage of all the freebies in hotel rooms.

Choose a carry-on case

Save time and don’t check in your bag, instead use a roll-aboard case that fits in the overhead compartments. Then you don’t have the hassle of waiting and trying to find your bags when you step off the plane! Even better, a hard shell, carry-on case will provide maximum protection for your clothes.

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