Foundation Pathway Agreement

Your accommodation is guaranteed as a foundation route for students as long as you apply and accept your offer before the deadline expires. In the three student villages of the university, you will find a wide choice: Vale Village, Pritchatts Park Village and Selly Oak Village; all are within walk of the Foundation Hub and English language centre and your academic departments. As a founding student, you discover a variety of teaching methods. These include lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, laboratory work and peer learning, depending on the academic path you will follow. You learn in a supportive environment and are encouraged to think, discuss and criticize your area of expertise. The classes are small and tailored to individual needs. You have a tutor who will help and advise you on education-related issues and help you track and think about your progress. For more information on the Pathway Agreement Foundation and the tripartite protocol on the implementation and reconciliation of rights and reconciliation, see: There is a guaranteed accreditation agreement between Douglas College and UBC Engineering. The “Transfer Agreement” tab at the top of this page describes all the price requirements for this agreement.

To advance to the second year of engineering at UBC, you must take two additional courses at The Certificate Engineering Foundations Plus: CHEM 1210 and PHYS 1170. In addition, you must choose the COURSE ENGL 1130 as part of the certificate and ECON 1150 as ARTS voters. Yes! Douglas College Engineering has guaranteed licensing contracts with UBC Engineering, SFU Engineering (ENSC), UVic Engineering and the UBC Wood Products Processing Program. These agreements allow Douglas College Engineering students to secure a guaranteed place in the above programs, provided they meet certain conditions. For more information, see the “Transfer Agreements” tab at the top of this page. As part of the agreement, the province is committed to transferring 20,000 hectares of the provincial crown to the nation-owned Babine Lake Nation for payment. This country will continue to support the Lake Babine Nation`s participation in the regional forest industry. Some lands will be completed at a later date by a separate and specially negotiated land transfer contract.