So just 4 years in and I am delighted to announce 2 new member of the team to enhance the services we provide.

f82d8cef-3cc6-43b8-a428-899bdf800dd3Gail is incredibly passionate about all things travel. She has been all over Europe, Thailand, The USA and Mauritius and to the Caribbean 18 times – including the beautiful escapes of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. Her expert knowledge of the Caribbean makes her quite the Caribbean Specialist.

Gail admits – her most adventurous trip was to the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador where she will cherish her trip for ever.

So passionate about the Caribbean, Gail and her husband to be, Brian, head off to Sandals Royal Barbados later this year to tie the knot on the beach – Good Luck to both if you for that – what a memorable trip that will be too. The herbal supplements market has recently been rocked by the explosion in popularity of kratom, to find all the good things that this supplement has for health you can visit this website.

From March, Gail joins the team and will be based in London, concentrating on all things Caribbean along with any other trips you would like us to look into, Gail loves her own holidays as you can see, so will make sure that everything matches your requirements to provide you with the ultimate holiday experience.

In addition to Gail – we are also more than delighted to have Jackie join us.



Jackie has a strong belief in the health benefits of a good old fashioned holiday; her favourite expression is “a change is as good as a rest”. She has second homes in East Devon and Northern Italy and speaks Italian, but not as well as she should, having lived there for 2 years! She has a particular love of Mediterranean Islands and anywhere beautiful and authentic. Having taken a 3 month travel sabbatical from work, some years ago, she would say that New Zealand ranks amongst her favourite places in the world.

She love maps, travel books, pioneering female explorers and lying on a lovely beach doing absolutely nothing!”

Although – she wont be doing “nothing” with us – as well as searching for the perfect break, Jackie will also play a pivotal role as our VIP and experience coordinator ensuring all documents are in place and hotels are prepared for your arrival.

To contact either of our amazing members of the team:

Jackie Hart – admin@thetravelsnob.co.uk

Gail Glanville – Gail@thetravelsnob.co.uk

The Best Luxury Easter Holiday Offers


A little sister of the Caribbean, Mauritius is a tropical island off the coast of Africa known for its luxury hotels with immaculate white sand beaches and its volcanic backdrop. This is an island for exploring, with a number of Indian temples, colonial houses and botanical gardens for guests to gaze at in awe. For the thrill seekers, there is the chance to walk with lions, quad biking to far-out waterfalls and skydiving above the crystal waters. 

For this Easter Half Term you can visit the beautiful island of Mauritius from £1,089pp. You will be staying in a 5* All Inclusive resort for 7 nights when you book with The Travel Snob.


Award-winning Algarve is a favourite amongst holidaymakers – and the World Travel Awards, and it’s easy to see why! From fabulous diving and great golf resorts to thrilling attractions and a vibrant nightlife, Algarve has a lot to offer you and your family.

If there’s one category this part of Portugal deserves gold for are its beaches. With hidden coves, crescent-shaped bays and rocky inlets, the golden beaches make up most of the Algarve’s coast.

Fancy a trip to Algarve this Easter Half Term? From £684pp, stay 7 nights at a luxury resort in Algarve. 


With thousands of years of history to discover and outstanding natural landscapes, Italy manages to pack a lot into its borders. No matter where you go, you will find fantastic food, fine wines and a whole lot of Italian culture.

As the epicenter for the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, Rome is a cultural hub, with everything from the breathtaking Coliseum to the Sistine Chapel’s amazing artwork. While Emilia-Romagna, North Italy, is loved throughout Italy for its delicious food.

Save 15% when you book your Easter Half Term holiday to Italy with The Travel Snob. From £1,210pp, you can spend 7 nights in a luxury resort in Italy.

To book your holiday with the Travel Snob, call 07990 018018 or email david@thetravelsnob.co.uk

Holiday Help: Travel Issues You May Face Part 2

Lose Your Passport

This is a traveller’s worst nightmare; you open up your hand luggage and rummage through your pockets only to find you’re passport has disappeared somewhere between the airport and your hotel. Whether it’s been stolen or just simply lost, then it’s important that you act now! Before you go running back to the airport, quickly check your bag, suitcases and surroundings to avoid any embarrassment. You never know it could have slipped your gaze and be hiding at the bottom of your luggage or around the hotel room somewhere!

Should your passport actually go missing, then it’s time to contact your embassy and the police.

Illness or Injury on Holiday

Being ill or injured is bad enough when you’re on home turf, but in an unfamiliar foreign country where you often can’t speak the language, it can be incredibly daunting (and could be costly!)

To save yourself the huge costs of medical care, be sure to buy travel and health insurance before you go. Your travel insurance should cover any assistance you may require in the event of an injury or sudden illness i.e. A&E and medication costs.

Make sure to research your destination before you jet off. Find out if you can drink the tap water and whether you need vaccinations or any malaria treatments, along with what you will need to bring with you. It’s important to bring your own medication if you need it and a small first aid kit for any minor injuries.

In the event of an actual emergency, your tour operator or accommodation will point you in the direction of the nearest hospital or dentist. Depending on where you are on the globe, the medical staff should speak English, but in the case they don’t, find a translator; in person or over the phone.

Jet Lag is Ruining The Holiday

Anyone who flies regularly will understand – and have to deal with – the annoyance that is jet lag. While, supposed cures do exist; here are some remedies I’ve found work for me.

Firstly, avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine and eating too much fat and salt. These substances in particular will leave you dehydrated and make you feel more lethargic.

Also, set your watch on the plane to the time of your destination. If you’re travelling to that country over night, be sure to sleep on the plane and feel refreshed when you arrive in daylight. If you’re travelling during the day then avoid taking any naps on the plane to prepare you for your arrival into the country.

When you feel tired during the day, try and stop yourself from falling asleep. Going for a walk, taking a shower or taking a trip to the beach can help to keep you awake as well as resetting your internal clock.

If disaster strikes while you are on your holiday, you can count on David! When you book a holiday with David, you will be able to available to catch him on his mobile 24/7. Whether you’re booking a holiday or got a travel issue, get in touch on 07990 018018.

Holiday Help: Packing for Business Trips

As someone who spends a lot of time travelling for personal and business pleasure, I understand that trying to fit everything you need in your suitcase can be difficult. However, if you’re someone like me who often gets the other half to pack your suitcase then you will know that when it comes to packing for business trips on your own can be even more of a struggle.

Over the years I’ve mastered the art of business trip packing and want to share my tips with any other lost packing souls:

Man in Black

Embrace your inner Johnny Cash when you’re selecting your outfit choices for a business trip and adopt the monochrome wardrobe- you know what they say, black goes with everything! You would not believe how long a pair of black jeans, black shirts and black business attire will get your through a long business trip.

Packing Business Suits

Trying to pack suits without getting them wrinkled can seem like an impossible task. The answer is in the folding! In order to pack a suit jacket, you need to fold the jacket in half lengthways before pulling the sleeves inside out so you can see the lining of the suit. The last step is to fold the jacket in half again and place it into your suitcase. Once you have learnt this skill, you needn’t worry about a crinkled suit.

Forget Ziplock Bags

It’s important to buy travel size toiletries before going on your trip to ensure you’re below the liquid limit, but for those essentials like cologne or contact solution you may want to put in small containers. Otherwise, save some space in your suitcase for the more important things and take advantage of all the freebies in hotel rooms.

Choose a carry-on case

Save time and don’t check in your bag, instead use a roll-aboard case that fits in the overhead compartments. Then you don’t have the hassle of waiting and trying to find your bags when you step off the plane! Even better, a hard shell, carry-on case will provide maximum protection for your clothes.

Thinking of booking your next trip, business or personal, why not book it with me? Drop me an email to david@thetravelsnob.co.uk or give me a call on 07990 018018.

An Interview with David Walker, The Travel Snob

To celebrate a year since the official Travel Snob website went live, we interviewed Travel Snob owner, David Walker to find out his own holiday stories and secrets!

David is arguably the most travelled person you’ll ever have the pleasure of talking to. He has travelled over 5 million miles, been to 112 countries, visited over 100 hotels and 1000′s of restaurants around the world so who better to talk to about where to travel to next?

Why do you enjoy travelling?

DW: “Travelling’s about the stories you can tell, you can go to any dinner and meet anybody and talk about your travels. Everyone one will always be interested in your story. Even if you have a crap time, you still have disastrous tales to tell!”

Best holiday you have ever been on yourself?

DW: “An impossible question! [Laughs] I’ve got loads of really good ones- that’s why I love my job! I’ve been on so many amazing holidays. But a stand out would have been our ‘Posh Peru’ trip, we expected it to a bit grim and dirty but we stayed in the most amazing hotels and ate amazing food and saw some pretty superb things. And when we got to Machu Picchu it was a case of, how do we top this?

I also love Havana. Cuba is not the Caribbean paradise that you think it will be but Havana is just an amazing city with the brilliant music and incredible vibes. You haven’t really ever been to Cuba [if you haven’t experienced holidays in Havana]. It’s like going to Birmingham on holiday and saying you’ve been to London!”

Best hotel you’ve ever stayed in? 

That would be in Hotel B in Lima- it was just incredibly quirky. Also the people that went into the bar, that lived in Lima, were just the most interesting people you’ve ever spoken to in your life.


Hotel B in Lima, Peru

Most memorable moment you’ve ever experienced abroad?

Watching the sun come through the sun gate in Machu Picchu or… missing a flight out of Útila in Honduras! I jumped on a ferry but [I] didn’t know where the ferry was going, got to the airport to be told my flight had gone and the next flight wouldn’t take me to get my connection. Luckily, the lady said ‘don’t worry there’s only 7 other passengers on the flight, I’ll get them to come early.’ Got an hour early flight. My favourite airline is Sosa Airlines in Honduras because of that reason!

Is there one place you haven’t been that you really want to go to?

Madagascar. [said without hesitation] The only place I haven’t been to that I really want to go to.

Any particular reason why?

Cos’ it’s there [Laughs]. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go but never really had the guts to do, or the time- it’s not easy to get to. But I will be going there next year.

What’s the best city break you’ve been on?

“I love Beirut, I love Havana and I love Budapest.

With Havana it’s the atmosphere, but it’s quite a long way to go for a city break. I think New York is amazing. I love, love, love New York. And Budapest was surprisingly better than we thought it would be- and really, really cheap. We ended up eating at the Four Seasons and the Ritz all the time because it was so incredibly cheap.

I also adore Cape Town as well for a city break. It’s nine hours [the flight] but it’s overnight. Cape Town is perfect because you don’t miss any time. There is no time difference, it’s overnight flight there and back- get there for Saturday morning, go to a party Saturday night and be back in London by 5:30am on Monday morning.

Like with Toronto or New York, you catch up with the time difference over night on the way back. So you can go to New York on a Friday morning, be there for lunchtime and leave Sunday night and be home for Monday morning.”

Can you share just one of the memorable trips you’ve helped organize for a customer?

I met a lady at a networking meeting wanting a weekend away in Madrid, Spain. But two weeks later she was heading out on a trip to South America with her daughter. What started out as a weekend away ended up as a trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands; she rebooked the same trip again for next year with her son. She just wants an adventure; we’re looking at going to Alaska or Antarctica for her next one.

If there were one holiday you would suggest everyone go on, what would it be?

I think probably the Maldives. Everyone should experience a few nights in the Maldives. Just for that beach, the ocean and the snorkelling and diving.

3 things you always take away with you?

My music, my phone and my laptop so I can do bookings. I’ve been away 16 times this year and got three more trips to do but I’ll still be working!

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met while travelling?

Madonna. It was a British Airways flight, she was 1A and I was on 2A. I got moved, normally I’m on 1A and was like ‘someone must be really important to move me’ and then I realised it was Madonna in front of me.

If you could only ever holiday in one place again, for the rest of your life, where would it be?

New Zealand because it’s so diverse and the wine is good and cheap!

Describe in 3 words what your customers are getting when they book with you?

“Experience. Customers are able to utilise my knowledge of places to guarantee they will have an amazing holiday.

A Friend. My customers can just be honest about what they want from a holiday and I can be honest with them. You don’t get that online or with other travel agents.

Availability. I am available 24/7. I think the difference between me and booking online is that everyone has my mobile number. Someone rang me up whilst they were on holiday saying the hotel were charging her for the kids club and so I just rang the hotel and got the kids club for free for the rest of the week because it wasn’t on anything we had been told where as if you booked that on Expedia what can you do? Just pay for it? That’s an extra £280 a week.

The only reason I don’t answer my phone is when I’m asleep or when I’m on holiday partying [laughs] because otherwise I would be giving out first class upgrades to everyone!”

If you’re as impressed by David’s travelling as we are, why not book a trip with him and find out just how great the Travel Snob experience is? Have a chat with David today on 07990 018018.



With all but a few of the spaces going with ALL of the suppliers – now is actually the time to start thinking about taking the little ones to see Santa NEXT year.

I am actually VERY excited as it’s a month today until I fly to lapland to see the big man himself..

By booking now for next year – you will just need a deposit – but you will be sure of the dates and duration you want and the accommodation you need.

There are already half price child places available.

The video has got me so excited about my trip – I am sure I will be posting so many pictures soon.

If you don’t want to wait drop me an email to david@thetravelsnob.co.uk or give me a call on 07990 018018 and get you places booked TODAY



At some point, everyone’s wondered what to do if you miss your flight. Before we begin, if you have managed to miss your flight (and I have done it a few times) here a few quick reference helpful tips.

Stay Calm
Look for a member of staff that can help you
Start thinking about alternative routes
Let the people on the other end of the flight know what is happening.
Whether this occurred because you were stuck in traffic, overslept your alarm or got carried away in duty free there are plethoras of people missing flights every day. Allegedly 22% of booked seats are not occupied, largely due to missed connections. So what should you do if your flight is missed and what happens next?

First, let yourself freak out for a minute, it’s natural to worry about what is going to happen next and no one benefits from bottling up emotions. Secondly lets be practical; why have you missed your flight?

You Missed Your Flight Connection.

If you are coming in using another airline, they will usually take care of your booking for you for your next flight and typically they will put you on standby.  When ever there are connecting flights involved I will always ensure that they are booked not he same ticket.  (For instance, if you fly Easy Jet from Edinburgh to Gatwick and then have a separate ticket to Dubai on Emirates, Emirates would not necessarily put you on the next flight as it could be the fault of Easy Jet.  Easy Jet would not necessarily assist you as the only part of your contract was to get you from Scotland to London.)

If possible call ahead to ensure you can collect your bags. They will arrive before you do so by making baggage reclaim aware you will speed up the whole procedure as rebooking when you have missed a flight can be a lengthy procedure.
It will also be to your advantage to let your hotel and transfers know what is happening.
You Missed Your Flight Due To Your Error – of course a simple call to me if you have booked with me – and I will ensure that everyone is informed.

If you are to blame for your missed flight try and let the airline know before the gate closes. If you can do that the chances of switching to another flight, although not guaranteed are higher but you will be charged a fee for this.
Try to gather information; are there any other flights the same day you can board? Can you get on a standby list? What about other airlines and airports, do they have services you can use?
I’m sure that this statement doesn’t apply to you, dear reader, but don’t lose your temper. This is the time for acceptance and bear in mind it is no ones fault but your own that you missed the flight! The people working in the airport are not there to be insulted and in fact are much more likely to help you with your transfer should you not point the finger of blame. When we missed our flight I am sure the reason we received such good service from the team at Stansted airport is because we owned the mistake and at no point attempted to shift the blame. Rather than vent your frustration use the knowledge of the staff on the ground to rectify the issue.
Every cloud has a silver lining – I’m a big fan of seeing the good in everything and yes, times like this tries this belief but gives me the ideal opportunity to put my opinions into practice. Take the time to explore the local area, maybe sit down with a book or as I am doing, write a blog about your experience. Missing a plane does not need to be the end of the world and it’s up to you to make this work in your favour.

Finally, remember that every airline has it’s own set of restrictions so if you are changing from one to another ensure your luggage and time limits meet the required limits.

If like us the other week going to Jamaica, you arrive late to the airport – don’t let your driver leave until you have told him you are going to make the flight – hanging around for 10 minutes can often be easier then them setting off and having to come back for you…


Thanks to
Designed by Freepik for the images

Why book via a Travel Agent rather than on-line

Welcome to the 21st century, otherwise known as the cyber generation. Nowadays, everything is done online; from socialising to grocery shopping – why should you book with a travel agent instead of online?

The main reason why people want to go on holiday is to have a stress-free experience; but can this truly be achieved through booking a holiday over the internet?

When it comes to booking your holidays, whether it’s luxury travel or a weekend getaway, here’s why you should utilise my services to ensure you get the best deal!

I do the hard work for you
Everyone automatically seems to think that booking a holiday online is far cheaper than booking with a travel agent. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Don’t forget that travel agents have access to exclusive holiday deals that are only available to myself and my buying group. My aim is to offer you the best possible price for your tailor made luxury holidays combined with a first class 24/7 personal service. So don’t surf the net for hours on end when you can have a holiday specialist do all the hard work for you!

Don’t believe the ratings and reviews
One of the biggest disadvantages to booking a holiday online without any guidance is that it isn’t always what it says on the tin.
No matter how many independent review sights (such as Trip Advisor) you may look at, the suitability of the destination selected may not be exactly what you’re looking for – but then how were you to know?
I wouldn’t recommend a destination or hotel if I hadn’t had experience first hand – if I been to the particular place I recommend, another client or someone else within our holiday specialist community would have! I have been to 111 countries so far – and counting – it’s highly likely I have been to where you actually want to go and can offer you first hand experience to enhance your trip further.

A perfect match for undecided travellers
Many holidaymakers will aimlessly start their search online for the perfect holiday without knowing where they want to go.
If this is the case for you, then after a quick chat with one of our travel agents, they will be able to find you a deal that caters to your every need. Whether you’re after a family holiday with plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied, or something special for an anniversary, it’s the added extras and special touches that make a holiday perfect and that’s what I am here to do for you!

I make group travelling so much easier
Have you ever wanted to go on holiday with your entire family or a massive group of friends?
If the answer is yes, then you will understand the struggle when it comes to booking your trip.
Trying to get everyone to book at the same time in order to get the same deal is so much faff, especially if you’re all trying to get on the same flight!
This is where a travel agent comes in handy – i’ll do all the organising for you!

A little bit of luxury
Travel agents tend to be well connected and this means added extras…
These include:
• Recommendations: Want to know where the best places are to eat? Or where to go shopping? Anything you need to know about your destination, just ask!
• 24/7 support: Whether you’ve got questions before, during, or after your trip, your travel agent will be on hand to help.
• Upgrades: Not Just Travel often have special access to airport lounges and VIP passes available and will pass on any of these luxurious extras to you where they can – no matter how small your budget, I am able to arrange something special to make your trip memorable.

So if it’s the trip of a lifetime, a weekend away, a family holiday or a business trip – feel free to give me a call – my mobile number is 07990 018 018 or my email david@thetravelsnob.co.uk 


Sandals resorts in St Lucia and Antigua

I love being in the Travel business for many many reasons – one of them is I get invited to see amazing properties in such wonderful countries..  This time is was Sandals in both Saint Lucia and in Antigua.

So having visited Jamaica in April for my own holiday – that says something – if you follow where the travel agent goes for his holiday – i was already a fan before i even went..

MeIMG_9153eting at Gatwick at the British Airways Check in – before our direct flight to St Lucia of 8 hrs 45 minutes – we were all presented with Club Seats – Phew – i don’t remember the last time i flew long haul in Economy – this was a real welcome gift indeed – thank you British Airways.

Both BA and Virgin operate direct scheduled flights from Gatwick to St Lucia – both operate economy, premium economy and business seats (neither operate First Class as such)

With the 6 hour time difference from the UK you leave in the morning and arrive into Saint Lucia early afternoon – it’s still light – time for your first cocktail by the pool before dinner.

Arriving into any airport (now my 111th country) where there is a Sandals means your vacation starts from the minute you hit the arrivals area of an airport, being whisked away to an Sandals Arrivals lounge where your bags are taken away – tagged for your room – which is when you see them again…

Saint Lucia has three resorts: Sandals Grande Saint Lucia, Sandals Halcyon Bay and Sandals Regency La Toc.

We were lucky enough to be staying at Sandals Regency La Toc – my room was a Butler Suite in the Sunset Bluff area – up on the hill with amazing views of the Caribbean. We arrived to a private IMG_9136check-in area and was showed to our rooms. I had a Sunset Bluff Ocean View One Bedroom Butler Suite (RP) on the Sandals Website My room was the usual huge Sandals size, with 2 x sofas in the separate lounge area and a massive bed with tub for 2 and shower as big as a standard bathroom with rain forest shower – with a gorgeous ocean view form the balcony where i took my breakfast on both mornings.

There are many different room types in any one given Sandals resort – Hideaways for that romantic break – or deluxe entry level for those couples traveling together that will spend the majority of their time out of the rooms with others. Duplex, IMG_8995Soaking Tubs on Balconies, walk outs with huge terraces, sea views, pool views, butler, club – it can be a mind field – but each room type is there to make sure you have the best experience.

Now where to eat? Another of the many reasons I love Sandals – you have such a choice of food outlets (rather restaurants) to eat in. None of them actually feel like you are eating in the resort – you always feel like you have really gone out for dinner. At La Toc you have the choice of 9 – yes 9 restaurants to choose from. And that’s just in La Toc – with all Sandals resorts – you can dine around in other locations (In Saint Lucia there are three resorts – therefore giving you the choice of 27 different restaurants eat in every night. Some require a reservation (if you have a Butler – they can arrange that for you) some require you to dress smarter than others, so are just really casual – again – it’s that great CHOICE option you get within Sandals. My favourite 2 restaurants (if i really HAD to pick favourites) would be Kimono’s IMG_9046the Tepenyaki Restaurant with its live cooking demonstrations and very social tables of 10 or 12 (Ideal place to go on your first night to get the gossip on the resort – best place for a subbed for shade, or for sun all day, best cocktail bar staff – who will make it stronger if you want it etc) and there there is the Bombay Club – we all love Indian Food – and the Bombay Club prepare the most sumptuous of Curries.

I have always said that the beauty of any Sandals Resort is the choice! You can go to any amazing hotel with the most WOW factor room – yet there is no atmosphere in the resort itself. If there is an atmosphere it’s going to be either – peace and tranquility (Which can get boring after a week) or a Spring Break feel – with banglingly good tunes – which after three days can also be too much. Sandals resorts have the option to do both – chill out or party! There are pockets within each place where you can lay on a IMG_9002comfortable sun lounger with your book (or kindle for the cool people) cocktails by your side (topped up all day) – or you can go to the swim up bar and that with those that want to party! So you can sing Bye Bye Miss American Pie for some of the day, then Bye Bye everyone – I am off to chill on my own for the remainder of the day.

Whilst on Saint Lucia we got to see the other 2 resorts – Halcyon Bay – which is the smallest resort with a long stretch of beach and a very intimate feel to it. Again, 2 pools – one large one with its swim up bar and the other very chilled relaxed pool – that also gets the sun all day. There are many rooms being renovated here – now to include the infamous Sandals Soaking Tubs on the balconies and terraces – and a few with their own pluIMG_9142nge pools. The famous Kelly’s Dock Side restaurant is housed here – at the end of the jetty over the ocean – (this is where it is rumoured Aimee Winehouse got married) along with 5 other outlets to choose from if you don’t want to leave the resort.

Saint Lucia Grande is a further 15 minutes away – sat on the end of the peninsular with water both sides, so which ever room you are in you have the view of water – the feeling that you are in the Caribbean of course. You have the choice of 12 restaurants here – so to come for 7 days would be a killer!

Saint Lucia Grande has many lagoons therefore many room types offering the Swim Up option – these rooms are away from it all and offer lots of peace – of course – if you go for the Club Option – you IMG_9140can utilise the rooms service between 7am and 10pm have ALL of your food delivered and not even leave the room. You have full sized bottles of spirits along with an endless supply of mixers, beers and wines in the room – you really don’t have to leave!

Sandals have their own Golf Course at La Toc – which can be used for ANYONE in a Sandals Resort on Saint Lucia. Green fees are again part of the all inclusive package. You just pay for a cart and a caddy if you want one. I highly recommend the caddies – I had Bob in Jamaica and he really improved my game – it still needs further improvement – so I feel another week coming on!. There is a 9 hole course at La Toc – truly beautiful with a couple of challenging holes – again your Butler can arrange this – or you can call the pro-shop direct to book a Tee time.

After a few nights – drinking premium spirits (you can literally ask for the type of Gin you want – Beefeater, Gordon’s, Hendricks, or Smirnoff, Absolute, Sky) etc – it really is premium Drinks – and the wines they offer as part of the all inclusive include over 6 varieties of Robert Mondavi not to mention the famous Appleton Rum – it was time to head over to Antigua.

As a travel Agent – I was surprised to learn there are 2 airports on Saint Lucia – I did say it was the first time I had been. The main one where the larger international flights land and take off, IMG_9061(approx an hours transfer depending on which resort you are staying in) and a much smaller one, very close to all of the Sandals resorts (approx 15 minutes) where you can take the smaller island hopper type planes – making Saint Lucia and ideal base for a twin or more) centre holiday.

We flew Liat on a much larger place than I suspected – 4 seats across – with heaps of room and no smaller luggage allowance than on British Airways or Virgin. So unlike the Maldives you don’t get penalised for taking smaller aircraft. Just a short 50 minute flight and we were soon landing in Antigua – my first time back in 9 IMG_9062years having been there for Penny and John’s wedding.

There is only one Sandals Resort on Antigua – The Sandals Grande Antigua – and Grande it certainly is! Just a 15 minute transfer from the only airport in Antigua and we had arrived.

The all too usual very smiley welcome from all the staff – just so many happy faces – genuinely welcoming you to their resort. There is a great sense of pride with ALL the staff in any sandals resort – they are often voted as the best company to work for in the Caribbean – this shows on their staff.

The view form the open plan lobby was right onto the famous IMG_9092Dickinson Bay Beach – we arrived in the sunshine, the sand was white, the caribbean Sea was blue – I just wanted to dive straight in.

We saw our bags, but weren’t allowed to touch them as they were being dispatched directly to our rooms – you really are on vacation (I am still trying to convince myself this is a work trip) the minute you step right off the plane!

We were ushered to the Club Lounge as we had all been given Club Rooms – I had a Caribbean Honeymoon Beach Front Grande luxe Club Room with a cracking view of Dickinson Bay Beach and IMG_9073ocean! Big four poster bed – all very much wasted on me on my own some!

Again there are so many different rooms types here – all offering the perfect room type for the individual requirements of the people staying here – there is something for everyone.

Sandals grande Antigua is home to 11 restaurants – so again so much choice, there is a Kimon’s here and another of my favourites (that’s three so far) Cafe Paris (to be said in a French Accent of course – makes it sound a little more cosmopolitan) – a visit here really shows you the true scope of the all inclusive – a coffee shop on par with Costa or Starbucks – with amazing coffee’s a fine array of teas and just the best home made ice creams pastries and anything else you want to indulge on. You just drop in and order – all part of the same all inclusive.

We toured the hotel, and it was time once again for cocktails and dinner (again this is a work trip – but how can I recommend without trying things for myself?) like the other Sandals Resorts – the choice is amazing – you really are spoilt for choice. Grande Antigua is a large resort with a small intimate feel – I am really not sure how Sandals manage it – but they do.

I loved the Barefoot restaurant on the beach – resort causal with amazing food – the Nutty desert was to die for – and as usual you can change things to have it exactly as you want it – I went for mine with ice crease – as I could not decide what to have – so had both.

We also had the chance to go on an Island Roots day tour – snorkelling on one of the reef’s – having snorkelled and dived in some of the worlds best sites I was sceptical – but how wrong was I? The sea life was incredible, warm waters and so so clear. Sandals Resorts also run Island Roots Tours as part of the same company- they are extremely safety conscious, the food and drinks were both tasty and plentiful with proper crockery! None of this plastic plates knives and forks for Sandals guests! My other piece of advice for this trip is to take sun cream (unlike me who burnt to a cinder)

Like every Sandals Resort – water sports are included if you are PADI qualified your diving is free too. If you want to take out a boat etc – it’s included – paddle boards – included – Sandals really are ALL INCLUSIVE.

We had a late check out and were able to use the departure lounge, lockers to store your bags if they need the room before you leave and great showers to freshen up after your last rays before heading back to the airport…

We flew back on BA again in Club – the perfect end to a perfect holiday – I mean work trip!!

I am back now – really looking forward to my week to the Bahamas in April 2017 – of course – I may just manage a cheeky week away in the meantime – I really do recommend Sandals Resorts – there is one right for you. I have now stayed in 5 different Sandals resorts and have visited 11 of them in total – all very different but offering the same level of luxury and all inclusive offers. I will be able to guide you onto the right one for you..

Right now I am home – peeling – and looking at some of the incredible deals I have for both Saint Lucia and Antigua – in some cases – 45% off the regular price including direct flights and 7 nights including transfers and of course – ALL INCLUSIVE


ANTIGUA – 7 nights – CLUB LEVEL 01 Sept – 22 oct £1599pp a saving of £1416 pp
SAINT LUCIA – 7 nights Regency La Toc same dates £1649 pp a saving of £1526pp

ANTIGUA 08 NOV – 13 DEC £1739PP saving £1276
SAINT LUCIA – HALCYON BAY 7 NIGHTS £1649PP saving £672pp

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It’s Back!!! – Sandals Amazing Sale!!!

It’s Back!!!  – Sandals Amazing Sale!!!

Come experience the very pinnacle of luxury Caribbean all-inclusive holidays with Sandals Resorts. Sandals delights couples in love with supreme holiday packages at luxury resorts in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, the Bahamas, Grenada and Barbados, featuring gourmet candlelit dining for two, gorgeous tropical settings and some of the world’s most exquisite beaches, where golf and scuba are included at each all-inclusive resort. If you are planning a wedding, Sandals is the leader in Caribbean destination weddings and honeymoon packages.

I am just back from The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Plantation in Jamaica – we truly had one of the best holidays we have had – totally unbelievable!

Bookings can be made form now – until they run out, they have limited availability of rooms, locations and flights, but at 2 for 1 – this is an incredible deal.

Call me on 07990 018 018 or email me david@thetravelsnob.co.uk