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So just 4 years in and I am delighted to announce 2 new member of the team to enhance the services we provide.

f82d8cef-3cc6-43b8-a428-899bdf800dd3Gail is incredibly passionate about all things travel. She has been all over Europe, Thailand, The USA and Mauritius and to the Caribbean 18 times – including the beautiful escapes of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. Her expert knowledge of the Caribbean makes her quite the Caribbean Specialist.

Gail admits – her most adventurous trip was to the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador where she will cherish her trip for ever.

So passionate about the Caribbean, Gail and her husband to be, Brian, head off to Sandals Royal Barbados later this year to tie the knot on the beach – Good Luck to both if you for that – what a memorable trip that will be too. The herbal supplements market has recently been rocked by the explosion in popularity of kratom, to find all the good things that this supplement has for health you can visit this website.

From March, Gail joins the team and will be based in London, concentrating on all things Caribbean along with any other trips you would like us to look into, Gail loves her own holidays as you can see, so will make sure that everything matches your requirements to provide you with the ultimate holiday experience.

In addition to Gail – we are also more than delighted to have Jackie join us.



Jackie has a strong belief in the health benefits of a good old fashioned holiday; her favourite expression is “a change is as good as a rest”. She has second homes in East Devon and Northern Italy and speaks Italian, but not as well as she should, having lived there for 2 years! She has a particular love of Mediterranean Islands and anywhere beautiful and authentic. Having taken a 3 month travel sabbatical from work, some years ago, she would say that New Zealand ranks amongst her favourite places in the world.

She love maps, travel books, pioneering female explorers and lying on a lovely beach doing absolutely nothing!”

Although – she wont be doing “nothing” with us – as well as searching for the perfect break, Jackie will also play a pivotal role as our VIP and experience coordinator ensuring all documents are in place and hotels are prepared for your arrival.

To contact either of our amazing members of the team:

Jackie Hart –

Gail Glanville –

The Best Luxury Easter Holiday Offers


A little sister of the Caribbean, Mauritius is a tropical island off the coast of Africa known for its luxury hotels with immaculate white sand beaches and its volcanic backdrop. This is an island for exploring, with a number of Indian temples, colonial houses and botanical gardens for guests to gaze at in awe. For the thrill seekers, there is the chance to walk with lions, quad biking to far-out waterfalls and skydiving above the crystal waters. 

For this Easter Half Term you can visit the beautiful island of Mauritius from £1,089pp. You will be staying in a 5* All Inclusive resort for 7 nights when you book with The Travel Snob.


Award-winning Algarve is a favourite amongst holidaymakers – and the World Travel Awards, and it’s easy to see why! From fabulous diving and great golf resorts to thrilling attractions and a vibrant nightlife, Algarve has a lot to offer you and your family.

If there’s one category this part of Portugal deserves gold for are its beaches. With hidden coves, crescent-shaped bays and rocky inlets, the golden beaches make up most of the Algarve’s coast.

Fancy a trip to Algarve this Easter Half Term? From £684pp, stay 7 nights at a luxury resort in Algarve. 


With thousands of years of history to discover and outstanding natural landscapes, Italy manages to pack a lot into its borders. No matter where you go, you will find fantastic food, fine wines and a whole lot of Italian culture.

As the epicenter for the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, Rome is a cultural hub, with everything from the breathtaking Coliseum to the Sistine Chapel’s amazing artwork. While Emilia-Romagna, North Italy, is loved throughout Italy for its delicious food.

Save 15% when you book your Easter Half Term holiday to Italy with The Travel Snob. From £1,210pp, you can spend 7 nights in a luxury resort in Italy.

To book your holiday with the Travel Snob, call 07990 018018 or email

Holiday Help: Travel Issues You May Face Part 2

Lose Your Passport

This is a traveller’s worst nightmare; you open up your hand luggage and rummage through your pockets only to find you’re passport has disappeared somewhere between the airport and your hotel. Whether it’s been stolen or just simply lost, then it’s important that you act now! Before you go running back to the airport, quickly check your bag, suitcases and surroundings to avoid any embarrassment. You never know it could have slipped your gaze and be hiding at the bottom of your luggage or around the hotel room somewhere!

Should your passport actually go missing, then it’s time to contact your embassy and the police.

Illness or Injury on Holiday

Being ill or injured is bad enough when you’re on home turf, but in an unfamiliar foreign country where you often can’t speak the language, it can be incredibly daunting (and could be costly!)

To save yourself the huge costs of medical care, be sure to buy travel and health insurance before you go. Your travel insurance should cover any assistance you may require in the event of an injury or sudden illness i.e. A&E and medication costs.

Make sure to research your destination before you jet off. Find out if you can drink the tap water and whether you need vaccinations or any malaria treatments, along with what you will need to bring with you. It’s important to bring your own medication if you need it and a small first aid kit for any minor injuries.

In the event of an actual emergency, your tour operator or accommodation will point you in the direction of the nearest hospital or dentist. Depending on where you are on the globe, the medical staff should speak English, but in the case they don’t, find a translator; in person or over the phone.

Jet Lag is Ruining The Holiday

Anyone who flies regularly will understand – and have to deal with – the annoyance that is jet lag. While, supposed cures do exist; here are some remedies I’ve found work for me.

Firstly, avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine and eating too much fat and salt. These substances in particular will leave you dehydrated and make you feel more lethargic.

Also, set your watch on the plane to the time of your destination. If you’re travelling to that country over night, be sure to sleep on the plane and feel refreshed when you arrive in daylight. If you’re travelling during the day then avoid taking any naps on the plane to prepare you for your arrival into the country.

When you feel tired during the day, try and stop yourself from falling asleep. Going for a walk, taking a shower or taking a trip to the beach can help to keep you awake as well as resetting your internal clock.

If disaster strikes while you are on your holiday, you can count on David! When you book a holiday with David, you will be able to available to catch him on his mobile 24/7. Whether you’re booking a holiday or got a travel issue, get in touch on 07990 018018.