May be the Word Sex concealed in The Lion King?

May be the Word Sex concealed in The Lion King?

Watchers declare that clouds of dust form the word S-E-X into the Disney animated movie ‘The Lion King.’

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  • David Mikkelson
  • Posted 31 1996 december



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About halfway to three-fourths regarding the real means through the movie, Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon are lying on the backs, searching for during the movie movie movie stars. Simba arises, walks up to the side of a cliff, and flops to your ground, sickness a cloud of dirt. Eddies of dust type and dissipate in the cloud that is roiling and also at one point the different curves and perspectives during these eddies may actually form the letters S-E-X. It can take a little bit of perseverance to see certain letters within the shapes formed by the swirling dirt clouds, even if the movie is played in sluggish movement.

A boy that is 4-year-old ny (or Louisiana), viewing the video clip along with his mind tilted towards the left, supposedly noticed the look of the letters S-E-X and told their mom (or aunt) about this.

(what sort of simple 4-year-old could both spell and comprehend the importance of the term sex continues to be unexplained. Its best to pretend an unwitting child made the discovery when you want to charge a huge corporate conglomerate with slipping nasties into its supposedly wholesome childrens films, however. Read more