So just 4 years in and I am delighted to announce 2 new member of the team to enhance the services we provide.

f82d8cef-3cc6-43b8-a428-899bdf800dd3Gail is incredibly passionate about all things travel. She has been all over Europe, Thailand, The USA and Mauritius and to the Caribbean 18 times – including the beautiful escapes of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. Her expert knowledge of the Caribbean makes her quite the Caribbean Specialist.

Gail admits – her most adventurous trip was to the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador where she will cherish her trip for ever.

So passionate about the Caribbean, Gail and her husband to be, Brian, head off to Sandals Royal Barbados later this year to tie the knot on the beach – Good Luck to both if you for that – what a memorable trip that will be too. The herbal supplements market has recently been rocked by the explosion in popularity of kratom, to find all the good things that this supplement has for health you can visit this website.

From March, Gail joins the team and will be based in London, concentrating on all things Caribbean along with any other trips you would like us to look into, Gail loves her own holidays as you can see, so will make sure that everything matches your requirements to provide you with the ultimate holiday experience.

In addition to Gail – we are also more than delighted to have Jackie join us.



Jackie has a strong belief in the health benefits of a good old fashioned holiday; her favourite expression is “a change is as good as a rest”. She has second homes in East Devon and Northern Italy and speaks Italian, but not as well as she should, having lived there for 2 years! She has a particular love of Mediterranean Islands and anywhere beautiful and authentic. Having taken a 3 month travel sabbatical from work, some years ago, she would say that New Zealand ranks amongst her favourite places in the world.

She love maps, travel books, pioneering female explorers and lying on a lovely beach doing absolutely nothing!”

Although – she wont be doing “nothing” with us – as well as searching for the perfect break, Jackie will also play a pivotal role as our VIP and experience coordinator ensuring all documents are in place and hotels are prepared for your arrival.

To contact either of our amazing members of the team:

Jackie Hart – admin@thetravelsnob.co.uk

Gail Glanville – Gail@thetravelsnob.co.uk