Why Peru Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

Fantastic beaches, contemporary cities and gorgeous weather; Peru is undoubtedly one of my favourite destinations in the world. And while it may not be the first choice for everyone’s summer holiday destination, it certainly is mine – and I’m ready to share my love of Peru with all my clients!

Easy to get to

In May 2016, British Airways launched brand new flights from Gatwick to Lima three times a week, not only bringing the South American country closer to home but also putting Peru on the map once again. From London, the flight to Lima is only 13 hours so I recommend booking an overnight flight in order to catch up on some Zzz’s before you explore this magnificent country.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu on it’s own is its very own reason to visit Peru, for the same reason it’s at the top of many people’s bucket list! Set high in the Andes Mountains, the ancient city of Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century by the Incans who settled there. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in South America, you can expect the hiking trails and railway line to be busy with people from all over the globe, but I suggest putting this at the top of your itinerary just for the view over the Andes!


Exploring Ancient Cities

Just beyond the modern-living of Lima lies the ancient city of Cuzco, once the capital of the Inca Empire. It is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas and retains links to its pre-Columbian past such as the ruins of Coricancha, a temple demolished by the Spanish in 1533. Despite its ancient history, the city has since been pedestrianised, making it easy for visitors to explore and acclimatize to the beautiful surroundings.

Exquisite Beaches

The chilly peaks of the Andes are a stark contrast to the scorching beaches in the northwest of Peru. Renowned for its tropical climate and golden sand, the Piura district is the perfect place for beach bums staying in Mancora resorts, where the waves, crystal waters and power-sands draw in guests.

Food and Drink

As one of the world’s most exciting culinary destinations, Peru is best known for its ceviche, a seafood dish popular in the coastal reasons, but Lima is specifically recognized for its cutting edge Peruvian cuisine with its fabulous fusions and experiments.

Peru is also famous for its Pisco Sours, a combination of lime juice, syrup, ice, egg white, Angostura bitters and of course, Pisco, a brandy from Peru and Chile – the right way to start the night!

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Booking Last Minute Summer Holidays with The Travel Snob

While I am an advocate of booking your holidays far in advance, I’m also guilty of last minute tourism myself! As a travel agent who has seen over 115 countries and stayed in thousands upon thousands of hotels around the world, it’s about time that I share my secrets to booking last minute holidays, I’ll also make sure to include what things to do in every country I’ve visited.

If you’re looking to get away from whiney kids complaining about sun cream getting in their eyes and huge groups of stag dos parading the streets, avoid booking your summer holiday at the end of July or through August. While I can’t guarantee they will be no crying children or laddish men, booking during off-peak periods such as Whitsun week or late August can ensure you see less abs and more of your dream holiday destination.

Don’t be distracted by price cuts, promising you a great deal of ‘savings’! A holiday is a holiday, and prices are constantly shifting to reflect a supply and demand. What you should be focusing on is what is included in the quote!  Whether it’s in-flight meals, resort transfers, breakfast or half board, these packages are seen as a standard in many package holidays, but extras such as massages and free upgrades can be added depending on the quote.

There is no magic shortcut to finding a last minute holiday. Just like you would trying to book your typical holiday, it’s about searching for the right destination for you and your family. Now you may be a fan of price comparison websites, but how often have you look and found your dream holiday?

Maybe the lucky few but it’s certainly not common. When you book with The Travel Snob, you’re always in luck! With access to thousands of suppliers around the world and years of luxury travel experience, who better to book your next holiday with – even a last minute one!

From the finest boutique hotels to the most luxurious 5-star resorts, I can match the perfect holiday experience to your specific tastes. To find out what I can do for you, call 07990 018018 or email david@thetravelsnob.co.uk.

The ‘Hottest’ Places Every Month of the Year

Partying in Budapest for New Year, strolling the cobbled streets of Rome in March, exploring the beaches of California in the July heat and back to Europe to discover the Christmas markets, it sounds like a dream year in the life we all want.

Now, I don’t intend on making you jealous but if you are particularly lucky to travel the world each month of the year, then this guide might come in handy!

Here are The Travel Snob’s best places to travel, month by month:


With the excitement of Christmas and New Year over and the dreaded back to work blues settling in, what a perfect time to book a holiday!

If you need to get your dose of sunlight to start the New Year, I suggest visiting the Caribbean or Australia where temperatures reach up to 30 °C. However, if warm weather is your nemesis, maybe hit the slopes of the Alps or hunt for the Northern Lights in Norway to enjoy a true Winter Wonderland.


February commences the month of love, making Paris the perfect option for a quick weekend getaway. However, if you want to go further afield, February is the perfect time to visit countries in Asia as typhoon season is over at this time. That means Nepal, Burma, India and the Philippines will all be ready to explore and in perfect weather!

I suggest avoiding countries such as Indonesia, the Seychelles and Polynesia as well as Madagascar and Mauritius as February is their peak rainy season and where there are high risks of cyclones.


The start of spring also means the beginning of good weather across Europe. Italy around this time could be the perfect quick city break, especially if you want to go somewhere that’s not busy in the typical tourist spots. If that’s not your thing, jet off to Florida where the weather is warm and hot without being unbearable.


Fully into spring, April sees the blossoming of Tulips in Amsterdam, making it the perfect time for a trip to the country’s famous tulip fields. The US is also still a great option for Spring time, so why not go all out and take a month long road trip across America? Start in Florida and finish your trip in California, you can cruise across America for the fraction of peak prices.


Prior to summer, sneak in a romantic holiday break to the Philippines and Bahamas, which is a slice of paradise around this time of year. With more than enough sunshine, perfectly white sand and breathtakingly turquoise seas, the Philippines and Bahamas are well recommended around this time. 


Europe is perfect around this time, particularly in the north! Visit Sweden, Norway and Finland to enjoy days of endless daylight through their ‘white night’ period. Canada is also perfect in July when they host Canada Day as well as The Montreal Film Festival and International Jazz Festival.


Not a fan of the heat? Take a look at holidays in Peru and Bolivia! July sees an end to their rainy seasons and instead the two countries get days of constant sunshine. It can be chilly however so make sure to bring a few extra layers.

During summer, stay away from Asia where it will be the height of monsoon season.


You can never go wrong with the Mediterranean coast of Europe in August. With plenty of sunny days and tranquil beaches, Croatia is glorious over this time, plus you can enjoy numerous festivals from music to food while you’re there.


Ever wanted to go on safari? Now’s your chance! Countries in Africa like Zimbabwe will be in its dry season offering ideal temperatures of 27°C and cooler nights. Even Namibia, which is in its winter period, will be dry and sunny making it the perfect time to spot some iconic African wildlife.


If you’re already missing the summer sun, taking the trip to countries within Africa, the American states or cities in Argentina mean you can still top up that tan even in Autumn.


It’s about the time everyone starts preparing for the festive season, which is why November is the right time to visit Christmas Markets in Germany to embrace the festive feeling. However, if you want to banish the winter blues, head to Hawaii or Morocco where the temperature is still high (20°Cs). 


With Christmas and New Year on the horizon, December is popular for skiing, particularly in France and Spain or the Swiss and Italian Alps where snow is plentiful. However, for an unforgettable winter sun holiday, explore the Caribbean islands where you can see fantastic coral reefs and tropical rainforests, scuba dive, fish and hiking.

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National Endangered Species Day: Luxury Safaris That Help to Save Wildlife

The 19th May 2017 commences National Endangered Species Day, an annual event that aims to address the risks affecting endangered wildlife and highlight the efforts of people and safaris protecting endangered species and their habitats.

Now you may be thinking how does travel come into this? Well, around the world there are a number of safaris you can visit that strive to save animals’ lives.

Okonjima & the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia


Sitting on the 200 square kilometres of private nature reserve and sandwiched between the Namibian capital, Windhoek and Etosha National Park. Okonjima is home to the Africat, a non-profit organisation working to foster conservation and environmental awareness. Since it’s beginning in 1993, AfriCat have rescued over 1,000 cheetahs and leopards on Namibian farmland and reduced 85% of them back into the wild.

From private campsites to breathtaking safari lodges, the Okonjima offers a wide variety of accommodation for guests to experience a truly unique African safari.

Camp Jabulani in South Africa

Just like Okonjima, the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre is another research conservation facility working to protect and renew the continents dwindling numbers of big cats. The centre aims to focus on the release of captive-bred cheetahs into the wild and breeding endangered and rare animal species.

The luxury Camp Jabulani is a family-owned and private luxury safari lodge in the Kampama Game Reserve. Guests staying at this resort will have the opportunity to visit the centre, offering ‘hands on’ photo-ops and the chance to view wild dogs, lions, African wildcats, ground hornbills and sable antelope.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda

Just over a century ago, two million chimpanzees lived in Africa’s forests and bush compared to today where fewer than 200,000 remain. Due to their disappearing habitat and hunting for their meat and offspring, Ngamba Island is one of the sanctuaries that African authorities send confiscated baby chimps from poachers and market vendors.

Established in October 1998, the Ngamba Island has cared for over 40-orphaned chimps on a 100-acre refuge on Lake Victoria near Entebbe, Uganda. Guests can enjoy morning and afternoon feeds and informative talks with the chimps and experience living with the chimps in their natural habitat from luxury tents.

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