So planned thus far:

I am off to take my niece for lunch tomorrow – in Paris

March 25th – I will be going to my favourite Restaurant in the World – in Cascais Portugal

April the 1st – we are off to the Lake District

April 13th – I am attending the Travel Franchise Millionaires Retreat in Marbella, Spain

April 29th – As Georges could not get his visa – we are now heading to Sandals in Jamaica British Airways Club World followed by- 4 nights Royal Caribbean and 3 nights Royal Plantation – am I looking forward to this – OH YES!!

June – a FAM Trip with the wonderful Sandals to St Lucia to view the three properties there and then head to Antigua to stag at the Antigua Grande.

July we head to Madeira – I have sent s many people in my time as a travel agent, but am yet to experience the beauty myself

August – it’s a long weekend in Budapest followed by Amsterdam for the Bank Holiday

September – Crete – a the Royal Villas Resort for a week of sunshine – to top up the tan..

Right after Crete I head back to Marbella for another Millionaires Retreat.

December – Puerto Rico is calling us for Christmas and New Year, flying Virgin Upper Class – should be a good trip

That’s it for now….